Saturday, April 18, 2015


This year there will be a focus on some new upcoming Japanese Maples at John's Native Gardens,
however they are not the only exciting plants that will be displayed for sale in May.
Below left is Acer Palmatum "Waterfall".

As you stroll the grounds your mind will be filled with great ideas for your own home landscape. The colorful Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Viburnums will reach out to you.

There are also many Conifers, including the deciduous
 Golden Larch,

Japanese Umbrella Pine,

White Pine Global Curl,

and Japanese Spindle Green Spire

The Japanese Maples on site include

Moon Fire,

Koto No Ito,


Crimson Queen,



and Peaches and Cream!
This lovely lady begins the season with a sweet peachy color that is irresistible!

You might remember this beautiful Crimson Queen was heavily damaged in the storms of April 2011. 
She has come back strong!

For those who aren't quite sure where to place a Japanese Maple in the yard, planting them in a container is always and option.
And a really artful option to boot!!

This blazing Pixie is stunning next to the Wisteria on the arbor!

These Cedar Waxwings know a great plant when they see one and the berries of this American Holly are very attractive to them, as well as the new "chick" on the block...

...Meet Candacie Loudacie a beautiful work of art made by Jane Word, LaRue's sister-in-law. Candy spends her day soaring over the beauty below, here at John's Native Gardens.

As always, there is so much to see any time of year at John's Native Gardens.

This Emperor One will have you looking up to get a blast of color from underneath!

The Rhododendrons are spectacular,

as well as the Azaleas!

The Viburnums are an early spring treat!

As you walk the garden, each turn brings delight!

There will be some brand new Japanese Maples this year!
Look for: 
Fairy Light
White Tigress
Golden Coral Bark

Some special Conifers to look for will be:
Variegated Alaskan Cedar
Monkey Puzzle.

See you Friday and Saturday
May 8th and 9th
9 am to 5 pm
Bring a friend!!